HERE Mobile White Label App – easier than building your own

17 February 2017

As a developer trying to define how location technology can support your needs, your only instinct may be to build it yourself. In many cases, building a customized solution from scratch to meet your exact requirements might not be ideal, especially when your time and resources could be used more effectively somewhere else. For those reasons, we’re happy to announce today the launch of our first ever HERE Mobile White Label App for Android and iOS.

If you’re already familiar with the functionality available in our HERE WeGo App, then we know you’ll love to hear this – the HERE Mobile White Label App provides an almost identical user experience. But of course, as with any white label app on the market today, you have the flexibility to customize the product with your own brand, logo and identity, and ultimately make it your own. In addition, you can include your own content to be displayed right onto the HERE Maps. Our Nearby Category is built to allow immediate display of additional HERE content or your content through your own API.

HERE Mobile White Label App allows you to:  

  • Apply your brand’s theme color throughout the app (splash screen, app icon, logo, name)
  • Change background colors and define primary and secondary highlight colors (side menu background, top bar background, map markers, route line, buttons, links)
  • Select starting screen map layer when app is opened (base map, public transit, traffic, satellite)
  • Use HERE’s default Nearby Categories to add location content (e.g., car hire, taxi ranks, parking, pharmacies, sights, fuel, eat & drink, cashpoints & banks, EV charging stations)
  • Pull live data from your own or 3rd party resources to the map via an API:
    • Display data as POIs with additional data (e.g., description, share links, pictures, ratings, open hours)
    • Include attributes such as name, location, description and open hours
    • Define actions like: view the item on the original website, display and share URLs/ web links and drive to
  • Provide actionable Nearby data points: view item on the original website, include booking links for hotels/restaurants/tours and allow users to share links
  • Turn features on or off (advertising, public transit info, Nearby points)

For a sneak peek into the HERE Mobile White Label App please click here. To get additional information please contact us.