New Waypoints Sequence Extension available for enhanced planning

22 April 2015

Not long ago, we’ve announced the release of a comprehensive set of HERE Platform extensions meant to augment the functionality of the platform services available through five core components (Maps, Places, Directions, Geocoder and Traffic). Today, we’re proudly adding one more to the list - the Waypoints Sequence Extension.

The Waypoints Sequence Extension helps developers calculate the most optimum sequence for any given list of waypoints that need to be reached along a particular route. This will allow developers to provide their end-users with fastest or shortest ways to their final destinations, while passing by or stopping at as many as 50 different locations. Yet, please note that the Waypoints Sequence Extensions can only be used in combination with the HERE Routing services available through the Directions component of the HERE Platform for Business.

Features of the Waypoints Sequence Extension:

  • < 50 waypoints per route
  • Considers HERE road network restrictions and historical traffic information
  • Support for mode of travel by car or truck, and route preference like fastest or shortest
  • Returns list of sequence optimized waypoints to be used as input for HERE routing services

We encourage all HERE developers to start using the HERE Platform Extensions to allow for a faster development and provide for a richer experience to their end-users. To get access to the HERE Platform Extensions for evaluation or commercial purposes please contact us. For more information please check the product page as well as the developer documentation to see in more detail what’s available right now.