Waypoints Sequence Extension API Developer's Guide

Optimizing Waypoints

The waypoint sequence resource (findsequence allows you to optimize for distance covered in a journey or for travel time. Use the parameter improvefor (available values: distance and time). By default, the Waypoints Sequence Extension API optimizes waypoints for travel time.

The Waypoints Sequence Extension API does not include route details in its responses. To request a route, use the HERE Routing API .

Requests to the Routing API must include the route travel mode and two consecutive waypoint coordinates from the response from the Waypoints Sequence Extension API. If the route includes traffic information, a departure time is also required. The response from the Waypoints Sequence Extension API provides this information in the element estimatedDeparture.

Time window constraints define opening hours or deadlines for product delivery points or appointments specific to each waypoint. Succcesful responses contain an optimized waypoint sequence that observes all the time constraints specified in the request in the parameter destinationN. Where this is not possible, the service generates a response without a way point sequence, but hints at conflicting or problematic constraints or waypoints. You must then resubmit the request with relaxed or modified constraints or waypoints. For an example, see Time Constraints Waypoint Sequence.

Service time is specific to each waypoint and defines the amount of time to be spent at the waypoint. In other words, it indicates the length of time between arrival at the waypoint and departure from it, for example to complete a goods delivery. Service times are taken into account in the optimized waypoint sequence. For an example with rest times at waypoints, see Traffic Info and Rest Time Constraints Waypoint Sequence.

The Waypoints Sequence Extension API may take several minutes to calculate a response depending on the parameters specified. Specifically, this calculation time depends on the following:

  • whether traffic mode (mode=...;traffic:enabled) is enabled
  • the number of waypoints
  • the distances between the individual waypoints
  • whether car or truck mode is used (mode=car;… or mode=truck;...)

The timeout after which the network connection is closed is set to 600 seconds on the HERE Waypoints Sequence Extension API systems.

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