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Pricing and Plans

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We've got options to fit your needs now and in the future


Build your app, service or web map for free

  • 250K Transactions per month
  • 5K SDK Monthly Active Users
  • 250 Assets per month
  • Pay per additional Transactions
  • 2.5GB Data transfer per month
  • 5GB Database storage per month
  • Pay per additional Data transfer or Database storage
  • Stack Overflow


Boost your limits and add support

  • 1 Million Transactions per month
  • 5K SDK Monthly Active Users
  • 250 Assets per month
  • Pay per additional Transactions
  • SLA: 99.9% up-time
  • 2.5GB Data transfer per month
  • 5GB Database storage per month
  • Pay per additional Data transfer or Database storage
  • Support via Customer Support Portal


Need more for your business including enterprise level SLAs?

  • Increase usage limits
  • Workspace
  • Marketplace
  • HERE Auto Mobile SDK
  • Connected Vehicle Services
  • HD Live Map
  • HERE OTA Connect
  • Advertising Data Services
  • Tracking
  • Venues
  • Choose from multiple support plans

Freemium & Pro Plans

Location Services

Use JavaScript and REST APIs and mobile SDKs for Maps, Geocoding and Search, as well as Routing and Fleet Telematics. Think app making.

For most of our services, a Transaction is one server request. For map, satellite and traffic tiles, it's 15 requests. Exceptions and detailed definitions are available in our FAQs.

A Monthly Active User (MAU) represents an active customer app installation on a device that uses the HERE SDK in a given billing month. If you have more than 5,000 monthly active users (MAUs) for your application, contact us for a plan tailored to your needs.

An Asset is a person (including an end user), animal, device, cargo, means of transportation, vehicle or any other object which is

  1. Located, tracked or displayed on a map, or
  2. Provided route calculations or orders of destinations and/or routes, or
  3. Has analytics derived by using the HERE Materials in a customer application or service for business purposes.

Pay As You Grow

Pay $1/1€ per additional 1,000 Transactions once limits are exceeded, namely

  • for Freemium, 250K Transactions
  • for Pro, over 1 Million Transactions


HERE Studio lets you store, edit, and publish geospatial data in a cloud database solution. Access your data through convenient tools for different levels of technical ability from Studio to our Hub API and command line interface. Think map making.

Studio Data transfer means the movement of all data to or from the HERE Studio service.

Studio Database storage is data stored by the HERE Studio service.

Pay As You Grow

  • Over 2.5GB Data transfer, pay $1/1€ per additional 100MB
  • Over 5GB Database storage, pay $3/3€ per additional 5GB

Selected FAQs

See all FAQs

Do I need to enter payment information to get started?

No, you can get started on the Freemium plan without entering a credit card. If you exceed 250,000 Transactions per month, or the Studio Database storage or Data transfer limits, you will be required to enter payment information to continue using our Freemium services.

What application use cases are allowed with the Freemium and Pro plans?

Both the Freemium and Pro plans allow applications for both consumer (public) and business (private) use, whether your application is free or paid. In addition, both plans allow turn-by-turn navigation, in-vehicle integration, and asset management applications.

My app will be for sale (ie, not available for free) in an app store. Can I still use the Freemium plan?

Yes, that's fine with us.

Do you offer a service level agreement (SLA)?

Our SLA is 99.9% monthly availability for these APIs in production:

Maps, Routing, Geocoding, Traffic, Positioning, Weather, Fleet Telematics, Search, Transit and HERE SDK (server components). 

This SLA comes with all our paid plans. This includes the Freemium plan when paying for usage over 250,000 Transactions per month, the Pro plan and some Enterprise plans.

We do not offer an SLA (Service Level Agreement) for Batch Geocoder, HERE Studio or Live Sense SDK Beta.

Is there technical support? If so, which kind of support is provided?

Specific questions on the use of HERE Maps APIs and SDKs and Studio can be asked on Stack Overflow. The HERE Maps team actively monitors and responds to programming questions asked there regarding these APIs and SDKs. We encourage all developers to share their knowledge by answering and asking questions in the here-api tag. For more information, see: Stack Overflow Tour and How to ask a good question on Stack Overflow.

We also have a dedicated Slack workspace.
We are currently using our HERE Dev workspace to support our events that happen in more remote areas where we cannot always send technical staff. Learn more.

Customers with a paid plan can view dedicated support contact information by logging in and going to the Project Details page of any given project, which can be accessed from the Projects page.

Extended technical support options are also available via our Gold and Platinum support plans.

What other HERE Location Services limits apply to my Freemium or Pro plan?

The following features are excluded. Please contact us if you are interested in one or more of these:

For Freemium plans only, the following limits apply:

  • Custom Locations: you may upload a maximum of 3 layers with a maximum of 100 polygons or polylines.

  • Waypoints Sequence: up to 10 requests per day.

  • Advanced Data Sets: up to 100 requests per hour and 1,000 per day.

Storing results from geocodes is not allowed for Location Services products in our Freemium and Pro plans. Please contact us for a plan that supports storing results from geocodes.

Access to HERE Location Services hosted in China is excluded. Freemium and Pro licenses include coverage of China as specified in the Coverage Information section of the API documentation, which is usually at "Entry Map" level. To access HERE Location Services hosted in China, please contact us.