Advertising Data Services

Bring real-world context into your location signals.

Advertising Data Services is a REST API that enriches geo-coordinates with a smart location context to enable audience segmentation, campaign attribution, content personalization and analytics use cases.

  • One API for multiple data sets

    For ease of consumption, you can access HERE Places and 2D Footprints via one API. We are planning to add more data sets for a richer context understanding.

  • Location context beyond POIs

    Translate location signals into location context using precise building shapes and assess whether a person is inside a store or only in front of it.

  • Deep customization

    Customize the smart location context to your specific use case: the number of POIs, the POI category, address and more.


  • Enrich your geo-coordinates

    Translate your location signals into smart location context to gain a deeper contextual understanding and strengthen your data science.

  • See nearby Places

    Query the Places layer of the API to see nearby Places and corresponding attributes within a given radius, ranked according to distance.

  • Leverage precise building shapes

    Query the Building layer of the API to better calculate if the mobile location signal comes from within a building, and which one exactly.

  • Customize the API output

    Gain control over the location context itself: the radius of the query, number of POIs, the POI category, region, address, and more.

  • Analyze your data

    Instead of providing ready-made audiences, our API gives access to smart location context, so you can further analyze your user data based on location behavior and habits of your customers.


Enrich your position

Query data layers using GET requests.

Bulk enrich multiple positions

Enrich up to 1000 positions with single request for better performance

Customize your response

Specify the API response to better fit your needs

Product Demo


Have a play around with what you can do for your Advertising business.

HERE Places: Query the Places layer of the API to get the nearest points of interest (POIs) around your geo-coordinates.
HERE Building Footprint: Query the Buildings API layer to understand if your mobile location signals are inside of buildings and in which building exactly.

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