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Location Services

Fleet Telematics

Gain greater control over your fleet management with advanced location algorithms


Ready-to-use tools

Easily match GPS traces to a road network, change geometries, modify road restrictions and more.


Advanced data sets

Integrate HERE map attributes such as truck speed limits, road inclines, blackspots and traffic lights.


Easy data upload

Display your data on HERE maps via easy admin tools for storage, upload and management.

Features and capabilities

Advanced routing

Calculate routes while considering more complex data, parameters and restrictions such as custom speed profiles, rest times and desired arrival time.

Custom locations

Store, manage and retrieve any custom POI or polygon. Perform geospatial search such as proximity, bounding box, attribute, isoline or route corridor.

Advanced HERE datasets

Make use of deep map attributes, including height and slope values, curvature, speed limits, traffic lights and more.


Toll costs

Calculate toll costs for routes while taking various vehicle profiles into account or get the most economical routes based on toll and vehicle costs.

Waypoints sequencing

Get the best route through a set of waypoints based on time or distance traveled, or the commercial value at each waypoint.



Monitor moving assets entering or leaving a specified geographic area of any size.

Route matching

Accurately match GPS traces to the HERE road network to get the most probable route your moving assets have been on.

Custom routes

Custom routes Block existing roads, remove existing road blocks and add new road geometries to build custom routes that support your needs. 


Fleet connectivity

Put dispatch and fleet in direct communication using HERE Premium SDKs, without the need for manually inputting destinations and providing ETAs.



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