Location Services

Fleet Telematics

Advanced location algorithms for complex fleet management use cases.

Fleet Telematics delivers sophisticated location features and functionalities that can be easily used in any application development.

  • Ready-to-use tools

    Save time and effort with out-of-the-box features for everything from matching GPS traces to a road network, to changing geometries and restrictions for a particular road, and more.

  • Advanced location data sets

    Data sets available for transport, logistics, infrastructure and planning use cases, such as speed limits for trucks, road inclines, road curvatures, lane dividers, and more.

  • Easy data upload and management

    Admin tools supporting a variety of data types with lat/long, shapes and geometries, as well as layers for flexible map display.


  • Fleet Telematics Custom Locations

    Store, manage and retrieve any custom POI or polygon, whenever and wherever needed.

  • Fleet Telematics Geofencing

    Monitor mobile assets entering or leaving a certain geographic area, of any size, anywhere in the world.

  • Fleet Telematics Advanced Data Sets

    Get additional HERE Map Content, including height and slope values, curvature, speed limits and traffic lights.

  • Fleet Telematics Waypoint Sequence

    Get the optimum sequence of a given set of waypoints based on time or distance traveled, or by considering the commercial value at each location. Solves what's also known as "the traveling salesman problem."

  • Fleet Telematics Toll Costs

    Calculate the toll costs for any HERE route while taking into account various vehicle profiles, or get the cost-optimized route based on toll and vehicle costs.

  • Fleet Telematics Route Matching

    Match the GPS traces to the HERE road network to get the most probable routes for your vehicles, and detect illegal maneuvers.

  • Fleet Telematics Custom Routes

    Build custom routes considering own road restrictions and geometries including blocking of existing roads, removal of existing road blocks and adding new road geometries.

  • Fleet Connectivity

    Enable direct communication between dispatch and fleet with HERE Premium SDKs.


Optimize delivery routes

Request the optimal order to travel between a set of waypoints.

Block access to roads

Block any road link that's inappropriate for your fleet to travel on.

Calculate toll costs for a truck

Calculate all toll costs incurred per journey by a 7.5 ton truck, based on linkIDs.

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