A cloud-based real-time location data management service to create web maps from your geospatial or open data.
Store, edit and publish geospatial data leveraging convenient tools for any level of technical ability -
from XYZ Studio to the HERE CLI or directly using XYZ Hub API.

Upload geospatial data to the XYZ cloud to create custom web maps or manage the data (store, edit and publish).

  • Faster map creation

    Upload datasets that can be viewed instantly. Edit data in real-time and combine with data from different sources.

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  • Combine with location APIs

    Combine with location APIs such as geocoding and routing to build a full featured location-aware app.

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  • Built on open standards, XYZ offers flexibility to developers

    XYZ is built in collaboration with open source projects to drive code transparency and feedback. XYZ is interoperable with third-party renderers such as Tangram, Leaflet and others plus offers developers a choice of highly accurate HERE Maps or OpenStreetMap as the base map.

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Three ways to use XYZ

XYZ Studio

Intuitive web application to create web maps and manage location data without any coding.

  • Create a web map: Upload your dataset or bring public data to the XYZ cloud to make a map in minutes.
  • Style your map: Customize the look and feel of your data by selecting colors, size, markers and other stylistic elements.
  • Share with ease: Publish your map without writing any code or running an infrastructure. Update data on the fly from any device.

Try XYZ Studio
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Use the HERE CLI for greater control and flexibility. Upload and manage data, create geospatial repositories, and transform datasets with ease.

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Perform granular geospatial functions using the XYZ Hub API including uploading, editing and publishing your location data directly from your application.

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  • Spaces

    Create and manage Spaces, a geospatial repository of the data uploaded.

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  • Tags

    Retrieve data efficiently without querying the entire data set using tagging.

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  • Rendering

    Create custom styles for data to render on a map.

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Use XYZ Studio

Create a simple map, without any coding

Use the HERE CLI

Upload, access, and inspect location data in XYZ using the HERE CLI


Create an interactive map using the XYZ Hub API and Leaflet

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