Routing API Developer's Guide

Requesting Additional Data

You can request additional data from the service to provide more detail about lines or maneuvers, using attribute switches, or to obtain information about company logos, which can then be requested directly from the Map Image API.

Attribute Switches

Routing API can provide additional data by using attribute switches in the request. When requesting additional information, the best practice is to request only information that is required by the client. Fetching information from the service, transmitting it, and parsing it on client side might drastically affect the overall solution performance.

The most useful attribute switches to use in a public transport route request are:

  • routeattributes, which can be used to enable the output of:

    • lines, or the short version li: public transport line information
    • groups, or the short version gr: maneuver group information
  • maneuverattributes, which controls additional Public Transport Maneuver information
  • linkattributes, which controls additional Public Transport link information
  • lineattributes, which controls additional Public Transport line information output

The attribute switches NOT to be used in a public transport route request are:

  • routeattributes, which can be used to enable the output of:

    • RouteId, or the short version ri: RouteId for calculated route reference is NOT supported for Public Transport.

See also: Attribute Switches.

Maneuver Groups

Maneuver groups allow you to organize maneuvers into sections based on TransportModeType, to better provide the user with an itinerary summary and brief route instructions.

To request maneuver groups, use group attribute switcher in routeAttributes. Once requested, groups will provide:

  • Identifiers of first and last maneuvers in the group
  • Transport mode
  • Type of public transport
  • Summary, arrival and wait descriptions in localized text, if available.

Example: Itinerary Summary Using Maneuver Groups

Maneuver groups allow a routing application to display an itinerary summary with similar actions grouped together, as shown in the example below.

Figure 1. Itinerary Summary

This information is displayed in the response as shown below:

maneuverGroup : [ 
  <3 elem> 0: {
    firstManeuver : "M1" lastManeuver : "M3"
    mode : "pedestrian"
    summaryDescription : "Walk to Reinickendorfer Straße." arrivalDescription : "Arrive at Reinickendorfer Straße."
  1: {
    firstManeuver : "M4"
    lastManeuver : "M5"
    mode : "publicTransport"
    publicTransportType: "railMetro"
    summaryDescription : "Take the rail U6 towards Alt-Mariendorf." arrivalDescription : "Get off at Tempelhof."
    waitDescription : "3 minutes to connect."
  2: {
    firstManeuver : "M6"
    lastManeuver : "M11"mode : "
    pedestrian"summaryDescription : "Get off at Tempelhof and walk to your
    arrivalDescription :  "Arrive at Hessenring."

Company Logos

Company logos are exposed from the routing service as an external resource (see ExternalResourceType). They are available for estimated routing and can be obtained by asking for companyLogo attribute in lineattributes. If logo is available, it will be returned as follows:

"companyLogo": {
  "resourceType": "vendorIcon",
  "filename": "1611547c89c9be1164df5a04d8f393f9"

Identifier, exposed as a filename can be then used to obtain transit company logo through Map Image API. Example request is shown below. Please refer to corresponding documentation for more details.

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