Routing API Developer's Guide

Truck Restrictions

Routes computed in Truck Routing Mode take Truck Restrictions into account. Routing API supports the following types of restrictions:

Truck Restriction Type Description
legal restrictions
  • Links forbidden for trucks
  • Maneuvers forbidden for trucks
physical restrictions

Restrictions based on the physical attributes of the vehicle:

  • weight
  • weight per axle
  • height
  • width
  • length
hazardous materials restrictions

Restrictions based on cargos with hazardous materials (see Hazdardous Materials).

tunnel categories

Restrictions imposed by a tunnel category on hazardous materials (see Tunnel Categories).

trailer restrictions

Restrictions based on vehicle trailers.

time dependent restrictions

Restrictions valid only during certain periods.

conditional restrictions

Legal or physical restrictions dependent on time or truck profile, where truck profile may include such attributes as truck type, trailer type, shipped hazardous goods and tunnel category (for example, a custom weight limit for trucks with trailers).

Note: Links with restrictions violated by a given truck are excluded from route computation. They may result in no route being in a response or in a route with a considerable detour.

Hazdardous Materials

Hazardous materials restrictions apply to truck cargos: this means the category of materials being shipped affects a resulting route. Roads where a shipped hazardous material is forbidden are excluded from route calculation.

The rules for excluding roads with hazardous materials restrictions include:

  • roads that forbid the shipment of any dangerous materials are excluded from route calculations when shipping any hazardous materials
  • roads that forbid the shipment of water pollutants are excluded from route calculations only when it is explicitly specified that the cargo contains materials that are harmfulToWater
  • roads that forbid the shipment of explosive-flammable materials are excluded from route calculations when explosive or flammable materials (or both) are specified
  • roads that forbid the shipment of a specific hazardous material are excluded from route calculations when that material is explicitly specified
    Note: Though some hazardous material categories overlap, the routing engine does no implicit mapping of shipped hazardous materials to restricted goods. For example, roads that forbid flammable materials are not excluded from route calculations when combustible materials or gas (which could be flammable) are specified as cargo. Additionally, roads that forbid materials that are poisonous upon inhalation are not excluded from route calculations when poison or gas (which could be toxic) are specified as cargo.

Tunnel Categories

Tunnel categories specify what dangerous goods are not allowed to enter the regulated tunnel. Available categories range from B to E, with B being the least restrictive. The tunnel category provided in the truck profile excludes tunnels that are equally or more restrictive from route calculation.

Note: Although shipped dangerous materials are related to tunnel categories, the routing engine does not match them to tunnel restrictions.

Trailer Restrictions

Routing API distinguishes between trailer and semi-trailer restrictions. The rules for excluding roads with trailer restrictions are as follows:

  • roads forbidden for trucks with trailers are excluded from route calculations when the parameter trailersCount has value greater than 0
  • roads forbidden for tractors with semi-trailers are excluded from route calculations when the parameter truckType is specified as tractorTruck and the parameter trailersCount is greater than 0
    Note: Semi-trailer restrictions are used mostly in North America

Time Dependent Restrictions

Roads with violated time dependent restrictions are penalized if they are reached during restriction validity. Restrictions are not taken into account if the relevant road is reached beyond restriction validity or while calculating a route in the planning mode (see Time Aware Routing).

Conditional Restrictions

There are restrictions that may apply only to trucks with a particular type of trailer and a cargo with a specific material. This document refers to these restrictions as conditional restrictions. A conditional restriction is violated only when a given truck violates all its conditions.

Note: Two separate restrictions on one road do not constitute a conditional restriction

A conditional restriction may depend on the following attributes:

  • truck type
  • trailer type
  • hazardous material type
  • tunnel category

A typical case is a physical attribute limit dependent on a trailer type where the restriction applies only to trucks with the matching trailer type.

Conditional Restriction Example

Trucks with trailers and a weight over 20 tons are forbidden. This restriction applies to trucks of any type with at least one trailer and a total weight over 20 tons. However, it does not apply to trucks without trailers even if they are over the weight limit. It also does not apply to trucks with trailers and a weight below the limit.

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