Public Transit API Developer's Guide

Transit Modes

The transit modes allows you to specify (using the prod request parameter) various types of vehicles that you wish to be included in the transit routing results. By default, all types of transits are supported if this parameter is omitted in the request. Currently a total of nine (9) modes of transit (trains, buses, ferries, trams, etc.) are supported, with up to 14 unique vehicle types.

The prod parameter is constructed using a 16-bit binary number, where the most significant bit represents the High-speed Trains.

Table 1. List of Transit Codes and Corresponding Vehicle Types
Code Vehicle Types
0 High-speed Trains
1 Intercity/EuroCity Trains
2 Inter-regional and fast trains
3 Regional and other trains
4 City trains
5 Buses
6 Boats/Ferries
7 Metros/Subways
8 Trams
9 Ordered services/Taxis
10 Inclined/Funiculars
11 Aerials/Cable Cars
12 Rapid Buses
13 Monorails
14 Airplanes
15 Not yet defined

These examples show which vehicle types should be included in the response for different prod values (note the indexing is 0-based):

  • 1111111111111111 - all supported vehicle types
  • 0100010010000000 - Intercity/EuroCity Trains (1-st bit), Buses (5-th bit) and Trams (8-th bit) only
  • 0000010000000000 - Buses (5-th bit) only
  • 1000000100000100 - High-speed Trains (0-th bit), Metros/Subways (7-th bit) and Monorails (13-th bit) only

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