Public Transit API Developer's Guide

Transit Alerts

Transit Alerts are used for providing detailed information about possible public transit alerts or other announcements. The example below shows a transit alerts, and the following mandatory parameters are required in the request:

  • your authentication credentials, app_id and app_code (see Acquiring Credentials for more details)
  • and location coordinates.

The example below requests the information for transit alerts.

By default, the following information will be returned:

  • A maximum of 40 transit alerts. The number of transit alerts can be restricted by the max parameter in the request.
  • Each transit alert will contain the following details:
    • Origin of the alert (for example Twitter)
    • Name of the operator
    • Valid from date and time
    • Related lines if there are any
Note: The Alerts are sourced from transit agencies' API feeds and/or Twitter accounts (where available). If the alerts' origin is from Twitter, you are required to follow Twitter's general principles for presenting alerts correctly. We do not provide any data for Twitter's logos and links for Twitter's actions. The full guidance on the display requirements can be found on Twitter Display Requirements page.

You can further refine the transit alert results by submitting the requests with these optional parameters:

  • valid_on parameter specifies a date and time when the alert is valid from
  • prod parameter defines which transit types are to be included in the response. See Transit Modes for more details on how this parameter is used
  • filter parameter specifies what alerts will be returned: all alerts, alerts that were able to match with the transit data (default) or alerts that were fail to match with the transit data

For a complete set of these parameters see Transit Alerts.

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