Public Transit API Developer's Guide


Res is a root response node.

Table 1. Res Type Attributes
Attribute Always Included Type Description
serviceURL - anyURL URL of the backend server that produced the results.

Used when you need to request earlier/later connections. For more information about earlier/later connections, see Earlier/Later Journeys (Deprecated).

Table 2. Res Type Elements
Element Always Included Type Description
Connections - Connections List of possible connections
NextDepartures - NextDepartures List of subsequent departures
MultiNextDepartures - MultiNextDepartures List of multiple subsequent departures from stations
JourneyDetails - JourneyDetails Journey Route from start to destination with intermediate stops.
NearbyStations - NearbyStations List of stations around the search location.
Stations - Stations List of stations that match my search string or location.
Addresses - Addresses List of addresses that match the search string or location.
Coverage - Coverage Response to coverage request having detailed information about coveded cities
LocalCoverage - LocalCoverage Response to nearby coverage request. Contains information about nearby stops, lines and city (in case if user is assumed to be in one).
Message - Message Message from the server
Guidance - Guidance Respose for guidances.

Return a list about guidance.

Alerts - Alerts Respose for transit alerts.

Return a list about alerts (interruptions) in given location.

Isochrone - Isochrone List of isochrone destinations.
LineInfos - LineInfos List of LineInfo elements. Every line info contains information about one line with a specific direction.
PathSegments - PathSegments List of path segments.

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