Tutorials / How to get HERE Developer Credentials and API keys
Last Updated: July 05, 2020


To use HERE Location Services you will need an API key. The API key is a unique identifier that is used to authenticate API requests associated with your project.

You will send the API key with each of your requests.

Please note: your API key is not yet secured. To learn how to secure it, see our tutorial on Domain Whitelisting and our OAuth Tutorial.As both works well together.

In this tutorial, you will walk through the signup process for getting a HERE Developer Account and then creating your first API key.


  • A computer with an internet connection

That’s it!

Signing up and getting your API Key

To register for a HERE Developer Account, go to developer.here.com and click on “Sign up”.


If you already have an account, please log in.


After you register and sign in, your landing page should look like this.

Landing Page

If you are not able to see the project, click on the projects link as shown below.

Projects Selection

In the image below you’ll see our project is named “Freemium 2020-03-31”. Next, we will select “Freemium 2020-03-31”.


Click on the project to get your credentials page. See the image below.


To generate the App, click on “Generate App”. In this case we will generate a REST API key. The process is the same for generating Javascript API keys as well.

Generate APP

After generating the App you need to generate API keys. Your screen should look like the image below.

Now click on the Create API key button to generate the API key.

create api

You can now see the generated API key with the created date and the current status(“Enabled or Disabled”) information. You can manage your API key here by clicking on the “Settings” button on the right of STATUS.



On completing this tutorial you should be able to log in to your HERE Developer Account and generate API keys. Through this portal, you can also generate OAuth keys for different platforms as well. To do this see the OAuth Tutorial.

As a next step, be sure to secure your API Key. See the tutorial on securing API keys with Domain Whitelisting.