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Tracking & Positioning

HERE Indoor Map

Custom indoor maps built by HERE, for fast integration into applications, using our easy-to-use tools.

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Indoor mapping as a service

One-stop shop for indoor location technology with indoor maps, routing and positioning for a 3D digital twin experience.

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Diverse sources

HERE Indoor Map ingests building information in a variety of data formats, including PDF, CAD and point clouds.

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Accurate, fresh maps

Accurate, fresh maps venues constantly change. Update your indoor map in near real time through our self-service editing tools, or let HERE take care of that.

Features and capabilities

2D and 3D indoor maps

Hyperlocal 2D and 3D digital representations of your indoor spaces, including building geometry, points of interest, indoor parking levels and routing networks, spanning across multiple floors.

Easy access

HERE Indoor Maps can be accessed through a data API and downloaded to your local machine.

Mobile and web ready

Lightweight JavaScript SDKs help you quickly add web and mobile-friendly interactive indoor maps to your applications.

Indoor routing

Build true last-mile experiences with comprehensive indoor routing graphs. Link all entities inside a venue and include entrances, exits, stairwells, escalators and elevators.

Indoor positioning

Add the ‘blue dot’ on top of your indoor maps, with our HERE Indoor Positioning offering.

Indoor digital twins

Fully immersive 360-degree representations of indoor spaces, with tools to perform centimeter level measurements, tag assets, and explore buildings virtually.


Step 1

Upload your CAD/PDF files or request an on-site survey

Step 2

Edit your maps using our self-serve content management tool

Step 3

Consume your maps in the HERE SDK, HERE Maps API for Javascript or HERE WeGo app

Step 4

Enhance your indoor maps with HERE Indoor Positioning


Indoor Maps for HERE SDK for iOS

An overview of the classes and interfaces related to HERE Indoor Maps.

Indoor Maps for HERE SDK for Android

An overview of the classes and interfaces related to HERE Indoor Maps.

Indoor Maps for web

An overview of the web classes and interfaces related to HERE Indoor Maps.


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