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Location Services


Integrate location features into your apps with online/offline capabilities, beautiful pre-built UIs and personalization options

Enhance apps with rich maps and location context

Consumers and businesses today demand smart, immersive apps to help them move in more efficient ways.

By integrating HERE SDK into your apps, you can give users advanced location services that support their journeys: customized maps, truck routing, in-car navigation, a map designed for fleets, historical traffic patterns and beyond.
Available for both iOS and Android, HERE SDK comes in four editions:

  • Lite Edition: quick way to integrate location features and customized maps into applications built for devices with limited ROM capabilities and rendering needs.
  • Explore Edition: access to a smooth map experience and highly performant map rendering tailored for high-end devices, with features such as multiple map view instances, controlling draw order of map layers, 3D camera control and integrated tool chain for map customization
  • Navigate Edition: access to all the features that come with the Explore Edition plus turn-by-turn navigation capabilities.
  • Premium Edition: the most feature rich SDK; provides everything found in the previous packages, plus access to offline capabilities and other location features such as navigation for cars, trucks and pedestrians; electronic horizon, toll cost calculation, advanced data sets like speed limits, inclines, curvature, and more.





Features and Capabilities
Feature Description

Provide just-in-time navigation

Just-in-time navigational instructions with visual and audible notifications, available for a variety of transport modes. Enhance the journey with dynamic information such as signposts and lanes.

Offline mode for seamless navigation

Allow users to browse maps, look for places and navigate to a location – even without a data connection. A hybrid engine renders vector map data directly on the device.

Vector maps available worldwide

Available in over 190 countries and 60 languages, HERE vector maps are small in data size. This minimizes latency and provides fast response times, while still scaling to a high degree of fidelity.

Various styles and schemes

Use maps specifically designed for mobile environments that come in a variety of schemes: normal, terrain, pedestrian, transit, traffic, navigation and more.

User Interface Templates

Reduce development time by customizing UI controls such as colors and dimensions, and refine behavior such as logic, flow and subcomponents.

Map customization

Easily highlight important objects on a map by changing colors and icons, as well as edit properties of map objects such as buildings, roads and land.

Electronic Horizon for mobile

Translate map information with detailed road characteristics into actionable data – right on a mobile device. Provide meaningful insights into the road ahead, including curvature, approaching stop signs, speed limits and more.

3D iconic landmarks

Place 3D objects on rendered maps and let users explore landmarks and surroundings before they start their journey.

Advanced Fleet Telematics features

Integrate advanced custom locations, data sets and toll cost calculations into your apps with our Fleet Telematics services, which are seamlessly integrated into HERE SDK.

Feature comparison for the HERE SDK

Feature Lite 4.x Explore 4.x Navigate 4.x 3.x Premium

Cross Platform Development API: Flutter (BETA)



2D / 3D Vector Maps

Satellite Imagery

Custom Raster tiles


Offline map loader


3D Landmarks


Fleet Map


Map Customization

Truck Attributes


Congestion Zones


Online Car Routing

Online Pedestrian Routing

Online Bike Routing


Online Two-wheeler Routing


Online Public Transit Routing - Estimated


Hybrid/Offline Car Routing


Hybrid/Offline Pedestrian Routing


Hybrid/Offline Bike Routing


Hybrid/Offline Transit Routing - Estimated


Traffic Enabled Car Routing

Public Transit Routing - Timetable


Truck Routing

Traffic Enabled Truck Routing

One Box Search

Online Geocoding

Online Reverse Geocoding

Hybrid/Offline Geocoding


Hybrid/Offline Reverse Geocoding


Online Place Search

Online Category Search

Online Place Information

Hybrid/Offline Place Search


Hybrid/Offline Category Search


Historical Speed Patterns Tiles


Real Time Traffic on Map

Traffic Info (incidents and flow)

Basic Drive Navigation


Advanced Drive Navigation


Pedestrian Navigation


Network Positioning (Android Only)


Electronic Horizon


Fleet Telematics


Advanced HERE data sets


Custom locations


Traffic Enabled Two-wheeler Routing


Toll cost calculation


Fleet connectivity


Hybrid / Offline Truck Routing


Truck Navigation


Two-wheeler Navigation


Bike Navigation


Isoline Routing


Hybrid / Offline Two-wheeler Routing



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