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Tracking & Positioning

HERE Indoor Positioning

Fast and accurate positioning inside buildings


Works offline

Utilize location accuracy in a range of venues without needing a network connection.

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Platform agnostic

Client SDKs available for both iOS and Android indoor mapping.

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Infrastructure agnostic

Infrastructure support for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth positioning.

Update from June 11, 2021: HERE Indoor Positioning offering as described on this page, will be discontinued as of December 31, 2021. A new product replacing the current offering will be announced by HERE in H2 2021.

Features and capabilities

Robust positioning

Fusing standard radio infrastructure with sensors as the bedrock of our positioning technology.

Customizable and self-service tools

Deploy and manage indoor positioning with the included tools: create radio maps, review existing data, examine coverage strength and test positioning quality to optimize end-user experience.

Ready-to-use APIs and SDKs

Build on- and offline mobile apps with native Android and iOS SDKs. Use mapping, routing and guidance APIs that work alongside indoor positioning.

Public or private positioning

Enable venue owners to make use of public and private venue and radio maps, ensure fast deployment and support a variety of uses.


Indoor Positioning installation

Discover how to enable HERE Indoor Positioning for your venue.

Radio Mapper user

Learn to use the Radio Mapper Android app.

Android developer guide

Apply positioning to your Android code.

iOS developer guide

Apply positioning to your iOS code.


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Radio Map Admin Tool

A web based application that helps venue owners visualize, monitor, manipulate and manage collected indoor data and Bluetooth™ beacons.

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Indoor Radio Mapper App

Start radio mapping your venue today with our Android app for creating maps inside buildings.


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