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Easily solve complex challenges for moving fleets, passengers and businesses

dynamic ETAs

Dynamic ETAs

Get accurate ETAs with routing algorithms that use rich map data sets and dynamically updated information.

Advanced routing

Advanced routing

Solve complex real-world use cases without any additional coding.



Routing instructions in 108 languages for different modes of travel: car, foot, bicycle, motorcycle and public transit.

Features and capabilities

Car and pedestrian routing

APIs that provide driving and walking directions with instructions in multiple languages. Configure requests for the shortest or fastest route while avoiding toll roads, motorways, tunnels, unpaved roads and more.

Traffic-enabled routing

Get real-time traffic information for your routing queries and provide more precise ETAs to destinations for trucks, vehicles and two-wheelers. Help users avoid traffic and potential delays with historical traffic data at a particular place, time of day and day of the week.

Intermodal routing

Offer different routes that include park and ride, solo driving and walking. Automatically account for real-time traffic, incidents, public transit timetables and historical information.


Transit routing

Provide the best public transit routes while highlighting walking directions to stops, pedestrian access points, station locations and transfer locations along the way.

Truck routing

Deliver the most appropriate truck routes using truck-specific attributes, while taking into account applicable physical and legal restrictions.

Large-Scale Matrix Routing

Calculate the best routes through one or more locations, showing distances and/or ETAs from up to 10,000 origins and destinations.


Isoline routing

See the areas of reach from or to a given spot based on time, distance or fuel consumption. Covers both gas and electric vehicle dynamics, as well as physical restrictions such as size, weight and height.

Custom fuel calculations

Specify parameters (such as speed, ascent, descent and auxiliary) to calculate fuel or energy consumption for your vehicles on a given route.



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