IoT Tracking


Global tracking of devices, people and things.

HERE Tracking is a hardware-agnostic, globally available IoT location solution. By using Wi-Fi, BLE and cell radio maps in conjunction with satellites, HERE Tracking adds power-efficient location-finding to IoT devices.

  • Power Efficient

    Optimized for IoT, using on-device positioning to save power and reduce data consumption.

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  • Global Coverage

    Satellite positioning combined with cell and Wi-Fi radio maps for global usability and greater reliability in urban environments.

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  • Out of the Box

    Complete IoT solution including device management and monitoring. Just add a UI.

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HERE Tracking exposes REST APIs and client libraries that make geofencing and location tracking possible for many types of devices.

  • Documentation

    API references, developer and quickstart guides to help you build your IoT product.

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  • Libraries

    An easy way to connect your embedded devices and start using HERE Tracking.

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HERE Tracking builds upon a set of objects and backend capabilities that facilitate working with IoT devices in an open and flexible way.

  • Devices

    Register IoT devices and associate them to your account. Configure name, payload, and update frequency.

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  • Positioning

    Determine and store the device location based on satellite or network positioning.

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  • Shadows

    Show the current or last-known position of a device, the device status, and any user-defined payload.

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  • Traces

    Retrieve a sequence of historical datapoints showing location, status, and other information.

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  • Geofences

    Create geographic boundaries, used for monitoring and notifications, and associate them to devices in your account.

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  • Notifications

    Manage notification channels and register webhook URLs for updates on geofence transitions.

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Reference Apps

Try the HERE Tracking reference apps for web and Android.

HERE Locate

Keep an eye on your tracked items.

HERE Tracker

Turn your phone into an IoT device that's compatible with HERE Tracking.

Web Reference App

Add and configure trackers, manage your geofences and get insights from real-time and historical data.

Try the Web Reference App

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