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Tracking & Positioning

HERE Venues

An expanded set of SDKs and APIs to help you easily integrate industry-leading, interactive indoor maps

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Diverse sources

HERE Venues ingests building information in a variety of data formats, including PDF, CAD and GIS.

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Fast and easy

Your map can be created in just a few days, provided the correct data is received.

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Flexible data format

Enrich your HERE Venues maps with custom properties to make them easy to use in your applications.

Features and capabilities

Online and offline

HERE Venues maps can be accessed through a data API and downloaded to your local machine in a number of formats.

Mobile and web ready

Lightweight JavaScript SDKs help you quickly add web and mobile-friendly interactive indoor maps to your applications.

Indoor navigation

Build true last-mile experiences with comprehensive indoor routing graphs. Link all entities inside a venue and include entrances, exits, stairwells, escalators and elevators.



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