Choose a Geocoder plan to add geocoding services to your app. Each plan allows you to use its features for a single app or website. To use HERE platform for more than one app or website, simply register for an additional plan for each additional app or website.

Terms and Conditions

90-day trial
of entire platform


monthly or
per year
with annual billing


monthly or
per year
with annual billing


monthly or
per year
with annual billing

Transactions per Month
What is a transaction?
100,000 15,000 30,000 75,000
Reverse Geocoding
Multi Reverse Geocoding
Batch Geocoding

Need a plan with
higher volumes,
geocoding storage or
a custom solution?

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Pay by transaction

For most services one transaction equals one request. For batch geocoding, the number of transactions equals the number of individual geocoding requests. For full details see our FAQ.

Pay as you grow

Pay a flat rate of per transaction above your monthly limit until you upgrade your plan.

Coverage information

For detailed service availability, please visit the coverage information page.