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Pricing and Plans

HERE Platform

Use the HERE platform to build in the Workspace and transact in the Marketplace

  • Data: Store and access location related data
  • Pipelines: Develop and deploy processing logic at scale 
  • SDK for Java and Scala: Access libraries, tools, a CLI and examples for local development of pipelines
  • Portal: Manage users and credentials, measure usage, and access logs 
  • Access to standard and premium HERE data
  • Flexible pay as you go for cloud services
  • SLA included
  • Unlimited listing creation and publishing
  • Control discovery of data products
  • Access to Marketplace Consumers
  • Customized monetization and optimization services
  • Unlimited search and discovery
  • Single integration to access data across multiple providers
  • Access to Marketplace Providers
  • Customized matching and evaluation services
  • SLA included

Cloud Services


Blob Disk storage used to store versioned and index layer data per month.
Volatile Allocated RAM to rapid small writes and reads of volatile layers. This is calculated by the package type selected when creating a Volatile Layer. 
Stream Allocated storage queue capacity. This is calculated by the inbound throughput selected when creating a Stream Layer.
Stream TTL Allocated disk storage which is calculated by the combination of the retention configuration AND the "IN" throughput (volume) configuration.
Meta Data The disk storage used for meta-data, (like layer titles, coverage, tags and descriptions) available for rapid search.


Data IO Used data transfer for accessing and storing data in the platform, both from within and without. 
Log Search IO For storage of indexed log data to search for debugging.
Pipeline IO Used data transfer (in and out)  generated by Pipelines.


Compute Core CPU Core Hours allocated to Pipelines or Notebooks. 
Compute RAM RAM Hours allocated to Pipelines or Notebooks

Map Content

Standard HERE Data

Address Attributes Contains address (house number) ranges associated to the road network, as well as references to administrative and road name information, based on segment anchors.
Administrative Locations Contains point locations for administrative areas and includes the drive-to location as well as the polygonal boundary (when existing) of the administrative feature. Entities in this layer are related to entities in Administrative Places layer.
Administrative Places Contains the administrative hierarchy (for example Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, United States) and attributes for each administrative area in the HERE Map. Includes Zones and Postal Code information.
Building Footprints Two-dimensional building footprints representing the outline of buildings.
Cartography Contains linear and polygonal cartographic features that can be used for map rendering. The Cartography layer includes linear and polygonal features representing land use and land cover.
Cartography Metadata The Cartography Metadata layer provides descriptions of the display class and the feature types which classify the cartographic features. The metadata descriptions will initially be available in English only.
Road Attributes Contains road centerline attribution relevant for rendering of the road network and track-and-trace functionality. Attribution in the Road Attributes layer does not enable routing functionality. Includes attributes like Functional Class, Bridge, Tunnel, Paved, Road Class and more.
Road Topology and Geometry Contains road topology graphs and corresponding geometries modeled as nodes (points at intersections) connected by segments (2D polylines). The Road Topology and Geometry layer can be used to construct a connected road network (graph), based on topological connections.
Street Names Contains road names with related attribution. A concept of Street Section is used, which is the smallest street unit based on common Street Name, administrative area, postal and zone coding. Each Street Section has a road name with all related naming attribution.
Places for HERE Standard Map Contains a sub-set of HERE Places categories and includes location, name, address, phone number and parent-child relations between places. Each place has a quality score, providing an indication of its relative accuracy and completeness. With Places for HERE Standard Map, you can enable display and search based on the name and location (address, city) of the Place.
Administrative Index The Administrative Location Index layer is a built-in layer which provides HERE Tile IDs for various locations published by the HERE Map Content catalog (Administrative Places layer)
Building Metadata The HERE 3D Buildings Metadata layer provides descriptions of the categories which classify the buildings. The metadata descriptions are available in various languages.
Places Metadata The Places Metadata layer provides descriptions of various data components of HERE Places and the Places for HERE Standard Map layer, including: category classification, chains and food types. The metadata descriptions are available in various languages.
Traffic Incident Provides a set of incidents affecting traffic, associated with the road segments they affect. Powered by HERE Traffic, the layer is updated every minute with fresh information. Examples of traffic incidents include accidents, construction, and road closures.
Traffic Flow Provides the current speed of traffic on roads. Powered by HERE Traffic, the speeds are updated every minute.
HERE Live Weather Western Europe This catalog contains live weather data in Western Europe. It includes attributes such as air temperature, humidity and intensity of precipitation.
HERE Live Weather North America This catalog contains live weather data in North America. It includes attributes such as air temperature, humidity and intensity of precipitation.
HERE Archived Weather Western Europe The historical data is stored in 15-minute intervals starting August 2017. Includes same attributes as Live Weather.
HERE Archived Weather North America The historical data is stored in 10-minute intervals starting August 2017. Includes same attributes as Live Weather.
HERE Weather Event Forecast Standard Map Content layer provides severe weather event advisories for the subsequent 6 hours and 24 hours in more than 80K locations around the globe.
HERE Optimized Map for Location Library Map data derived from HERE Map Content catalog that is accessed by the Location Libraries enabling efficient Map Matching, Proximity Search and Topology Traversal.
HERE Optimized Map for Visualization A basic map derived from HERE Map Content catalog to be used as a background to provide spatial context to geo data layers.

Premium HERE Data

Navigation Attributes Contains a rich set of attributes that enables routing, maneuver and guidance explications and enhanced map display. Includes attributes like oneways, turn restrictions, gates, access restrictions, lane counts, speed indication, road characteristics and many more.
Sign Text The Sign Text layer is a HERE Premium OLP layer that publishes textual and graphic information posted on signs along roads.
Advanced Navigation Attributes Contains additional road network attribution to enable advanced routing functionality based on Signs, Signals and Warnings, special speed situations, speed limits on FC345 and more.
Address Locations Includes point locations for addresses (Point Address) and additional detailed addresses within a building (Micro Point Address) such as apartment, floor or suite.
Lane Attributes Various attributes that extend attribution to lane level, to enabling lane specific advisory and guidance functionality. The Lane Attributes layer provides a logical lane model and includes various attributes at lane level.
ADAS Attributes Publishes the road characteristics such as road curvature, heading and elevation. Example applications enabled with the ADAS content are: adaptive cruise control, adaptive front light systems, eco-friendly routing, collision warning, powertrain control, fuel economy, speed advisory systems etc.
Truck Attributes The Transport Attributes layers is a premium layer that includes attribution enable safe routing for larger vehicles, including transport and delivery vehicles.
Distance Markers The Distance Markers layer is a HERE Premium layer that publishes sequentially numbered markers placed along roads at regular intervals that serve as reference location signs.
3D Buildings The 3D Buildings Basic layer is a HERE Premium layer that contains Building Prisms (geometries with height and ground clearance). The layer is self-contained and can be used stand-alone.
Places Global set of fresh, comprehensive and consolidated Places content for over 400 categories. Places attributes include location, name, address, phone number and parent-child relations between places. Additional rich attribution, where available provides more details about Places, such as hours of operation, ratings and more. Each place has a quality score.
Road Traffic Patterns Attributes Layer provides usual or average traffic speeds for every road in the map, for each day of week by the time of day. Derived from trillions of measured vehicle speed observations over the past 3 years, they provide a firm foundation for route planning and drive-time (ETA) estimates.
Traffic Patterns The Traffic Patterns layer is a HERE Premium layer that delivers accurate, comprehensive usual traffic speeds across 83 countries. Built from up to two years of historical speed observations, Traffic Patterns provides an expected speed for each 5-minute epoch of each day of the week. The layer covers every navigable road segment in each supported country, so it can be considered as a complete database for traffic speeds throughout the road network.
Environmental Zones The Environmental Zones layer is a HERE Premium layer that published area-restrictions & regulations based on environmental criteria.