Location Services


Highly accurate customizable maps, available worldwide.

Maps are what we do so you can concentrate on building your location application. HERE maps are the freshest, most accurate maps available. Start with the base map, choose a display type, add polygons, labels, venues and custom markers.

  • Fresh, Accurate

    The base map is the foundation of our mapping technology. We capture over 28TB of data every day – with centimeter accuracy.

  • Global Coverage

    HERE provides fresh, high-quality, professionally-designed maps in over 196 countries, in multiple languages. They are available in a variety of map styles and rendering technologies.

  • Customizable

    Map images and raster 2D map tiles are available with different zoom levels, display options, views and schemes. Base maps include day and night mode, transparent map tiles have multiple overlays.


  • Interactive Maps

    Display map tiles and pre-rendered images (e.g., base, satellite, aerial) while customizing the map look and feel.

  • Map Image

    Provides quick, pre-rendered map images.

  • Map Tile

    Returns map image tiles with different display types, such as regular map, satellite imagery and terrain.

  • Map Customization

    Customize the map style according to your needs or change map elements at run-time based on user interaction.

  • Venue Maps

    See inside your private venues using png/js tiles (Venue Images). Venue Models provide access to JSON venue models that interact with png tiles when combined with Venue Images.

  • Map Feedback

    Offer your users the possibility to edit the HERE map or report errors.


Marker Clustering

Cluster multiple markers together to better visualize the data

Map Image & AWS

Developing with Map Images Using AWS Serverless Applications


Getting started with GeoJSON and HERE XYZ

Map Design


Put your data on the map, fast.

Build custom map visualizations with HERE XYZ, which includes an interactive map design studio, as well as a cloud service to access GeoJSON map data.

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