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Location Services


Highly accurate, professionally designed, enterprise-grade maps available worldwide


High-quality designs

Pre-rendered map tiles or images available for different zoom levels, display options, views and schemes.


Global and native UI

High-quality maps with worldwide coverage in over 196 countries, native to fit your application’s look and feel.

fresh and accurate

Fresh and accurate

Maps that receive 5 million updates on average per day across the globe for reliable navigation and data visualization.

Features and capabilities

Personalize your maps

Configure the look and feel of your map by changing color, icon size, width, length and other properties of objects such as buildings, land features and roads. Display it all at the desired zoom level.

Pre-rendered map images

Pre-rendered map images in multiple styles, such as base and aerial, optimized for various devices and OS’s. Request an image around a specific area, or at a specified location and zoom level.

Map tiles

Display server-rendered, raster 2D map tiles at different zoom levels, display options, views and schemes. Request tiles that highlight congestion and environmental zones.


Built-in fleet maps

Integrate maps designed especially for fleet management applications with accentuated country borders and highways, toll roads within congestion charging zones and highway exits along routes.

Truck attributes layer

Provide simple visual cues so that areas with truck restrictions are easily identifiable. Display truck restrictions such as height, weight or environmental restrictions on a variety of map styles. 


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