JavaScript API

Integrate interactive maps and advanced HERE features into your applications


Put the map in your app with HERE JavaScript API

The HERE JavaScript API offers easy-to-use libraries of classes and methods with great processing speed and faster loading times for both desktop and mobile.

JavaScript API code samples

Using our JavaScript API is a piece of cake. Check out some examples, including how to display a place marker on a map.

JavaScript documentation

Get an introduction to the HERE Maps API for JavaScript, including a quick start guide and developer's guide featuring implementations of typical use cases, as well as a detailed API reference.

Download PDF documentation for current and previous versions of HERE APIs.


The HERE Maps API for JavaScript can be used to visualize maps, accurate directions, geocoding and traffic.

Map & Satellite Tiles The service underlying the HERE Maps API for JavaScript is the HERE Map Tile API, which provides map images in a choice of styles, including satellite, terrain and traffic. Also try our Map Tile API
Street Level Imagery The StreetLevel module (mapsjs-pano.js) enables navigation between panoramic views available at different locations along streets, squares and other public places. Also try our Map Tile API
Venue Maps Call more than 10,000 venues using PNG/JS tiles. Includes floor levels or full JSON models with polygons/geometry, elevators/escalators, entry/exit doors and store/POI information. Also try our Venue Maps API
Car & Pedestrian Routing Turn-by-turn drive and walk directions with instructions in many languages. Users can set preferences such as shortest or fastest route, restrictions, tolls or motorways and more. Also try our Routing API
Geocoding Resolve addresses to geo-coordinates and vice-versa using the service module (mapsjs-service.js) for easy integration into a mapping app. Also try our Geocoder API
Places Search, explore and see points of interest. Results include name, address, category and contact info. Also try our Places API
Real Time & Historical Traffic Tiles Display traffic info on the map, such as traffic incidents, real time and historic traffic events, for cities around the world. Also try our Traffic API

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