Fast, flexible access to map data and functionality


Get your apps moving with HERE REST APIs

Use simple HTTP GET methods providing maps, routing, geocoding, places, positioning, traffic, transit and weather information. Fleet Telematics add capabilities to the service results received from HERE REST APIs.

REST API code samples

See how to build a request to get a map over a certain location.


This example retrieves the latitude, longitude and complete address details of 200 S Mathilda Ave, Sunnyvale, CA based on a free-form text input. Free-form text based geocoding requests can be made using the geocode endpoint and adding the searchtext parameter to the request URL.


REST documentation

Quick start intros and a comprehensive API reference are available for all HERE REST APIs.

Download PDF documentation for current and previous versions of HERE APIs.


With HERE REST APIs you can add everything from basic Map Tiles to indoor Venue Maps, Batch Geocoding, and our comprehensive Transit service to your apps. The Fleet Telematics Services give you even more data sets and advanced capabilities.

Map Tile API Returns map image tiles with different display types, such as regular map, satellite imagery and terrain.
Map Image API Provides quick, pre-rendered map images.
Venue Maps API
Venue Images:
 see inside venues using png/js tiles.
Venue Models:
 access JSON venue models that interact with png tiles when combined with Venue Images.
Routing API
Car & Pedestrian Routing:
 driving and walking directions with instructions in multiple languages. Users can set preferences such as shortest or fastest route, restrictions, tolls or motorways and more.
Traffic Enabled Routing:
 use real-time traffic information in your routing queries.
Public Transit Routing:
 timetable-based public transit directions for 800+ cities. Combines pedestrian routing for door-to-door trip information, including alternative routes, arrival/departure times, and maximum number of connections.
Isoline Routing:
 route calculations showing the area reachable from a given location. Can include shortest or fastest routes and avoid attributes such as tolls and motorways.
Truck Routing:
 route directions and driving time calculations based on truck-optimized map attributes. Support for all legal, physical and HAZMAT restrictions such as turn, weight, height and inflammable goods restrictions.
Matrix Routing:
 optimized route calculations showing multiple locations, providing distances and/or travel times between all points. Can include shortest or fastest routes and avoid attributes such as tolls and motorways.
Geocoder API
 convert addresses into geo-coordinates.
Reverse Geocoding:
 returns a usable description of a location from a set of geo-coordinates.
Multi Reverse Geocoding:
 upload up to 100 pairs of geographic coordinates processed in a single synchronous request for improved throughput performance.
Batch Geocoding:
 allows the user to upload multiple forward geocoder or reverse geocoder requests in a single file.
Geocoder Autocomplete:
 Correct misspellings and get better suggestions for your address search with fewer keystrokes.
Places API Search, explore and see names, addresses, categories and contact info for points of interest.
Traffic API Provides traffic flow and incident information as well as map tiles with traffic overlays.
Weather API Find weather reports, forecasts and alerts for specific locations.
Transit API Provide the best public transit routes including walking directions to stops, stations or transfers along the way.
Intermodal Routing API Provides alternative routes combining drive, park, ride and walk functionality, while taking into account real-time traffic and incidents information, public transit timetables and dynamic information.
Positioning API Provides positioning estimates based on global Wi-Fi and Cell coverage.
Map Feedback API Offer your users the possibility to edit the HERE map or report errors.
Fleet Telematics Get access to advanced location algorithms for fleet management use cases like geofencing, route matching, toll costs and more.
Fleet Telematics Custom Locations Store, manage and retrieve any custom POI or polygon, whenever and wherever needed.
Fleet Telematics Custom Routes Build custom routes considering own road restrictions and geometries including blocking of existing roads, removal of existing road blocks and adding new road geometries.
Fleet Telematics Advanced Data Sets Get additional HERE Map Content, including height and slope values, curvature, speed limits and traffic lights.
Fleet Telematics Route Matching Match the GPS traces to the HERE road network to get the most probable routes for your vehicles, and detect illegal maneuvers.
Fleet Telematics Toll Costs Calculate the toll costs for any HERE route while taking into account various vehicle profiles, or get the cost-optimized route based on toll and vehicle costs.
Fleet Telematics Waypoints Sequence Get the optimum sequence of a given set of waypoints based on time or distance traveled, or by considering the commercial value at each location. Solves what's also known as "the traveling salesman problem."
Fleet Telematics Geofencing Monitor mobile assets entering or leaving a certain geographic area, of any size, anywhere in the world.
Fleet Connectivity Enable direct communication between dispatch and fleet with HERE Premium SDKs.