Location data may reveal sensitive information about persons, which may lead to a privacy breach. When anonymizing raw location data, a balance needs to be achieved between the user anonymity level and utility of the anonymized data.

The customizable pipeline template for Real-Time Anonymizer provides a simple way to customize, configure, and deploy the required real-time anonymization on the HERE platform. Real-Time Anonymizer contains a set of algorithms for performing specific use case anonymization of real-time location data, including the following features:

  • Load real-time location data
  • Configure the anonymization strategy and accompanying parameters
  • Perform anonymization of location data with specific method and parameters
  • Output anonymized real-time location data

What Is Real-Time Anonymizer

HERE platform pipelines are scalable processing blocks that perform specific tasks (that is map matching positions or pooling multiple data sources), working with location data in HERE catalogs .

Real-Time Anonymizer works with streaming layers ( queues that stream data to data consumers) only. Versioned, volatile and index layers are not compatible with this pipeline.

Real-Time Anonymizer supports you with the following features:

  • Loading and outputting real-time location data from HERE platform streaming layers
  • Anonymizing real-time location data for specific use cases
  • Configuring input/output data, anonymization method and data requirements for use cases
  • Validating input data against configured use-case specific requirements
  • Providing statistics on completed anonymization

Real-Time Anonymizer is a streaming pipeline, ingesting raw data from a location data streaming layer and outputting the anonymized data to a separate streaming layer. The input streaming layer provides a queue that streams real-time data to data consumers. The output streaming layer contains real-time anonymized data that can be read by multiple consumers.

HERE Customizable Pipeline Templates provide a simple way for deploying custom, configurable pipelines on the HERE platform. They can be deployed as part of your own workflow without writing any code. Each template is designed to perform a specific task and can be customized to accommodate your particular use case. Real-Time Anonymizer is made available as a template for ease of deployment.

Real-Time Anonymizer is intended to be used only in a manner and for the purposes described in this documentation. When using this product, ensure that you use it only in compliance with these requirements. If the requirements are not met, the product might not work as intended. HERE is not responsible or liable for any use of the product. For the terms and conditions that cover this documentation, see the HERE Documentation License .

Why Use Real-Time Anonymizer

Primarily, Real-Time Anonymizer helps you with the following objectives:

  • Systematically anonymize real-time location datasets for specific use cases
  • Output the anonymized location data on the HERE platform

Additionally, you can use Real-Time Anonymizer to process location data for the Traffic Information use case:

Traffic Information

You can use vehicle's probe data points to derive traffic information. With Real-Time Anonymizer, your program can optimally anonymize raw probe points. This way, the anonymized data offers maximum value for deriving traffic information while also protecting persons against privacy breaches.

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