The Traffic Data Service is a REST API that provides HERE real-time traffic data in various supported formats. Currently only the DATEX II format is supported.

NOTE: Traffic data in DATEX II format, through the Traffic Data Service, is not included in HERE developer licenses. It is separately licensed for specific use cases in specific markets, with limited availability. Contact HERE sales for access to this service. Our traffic data is available in other formats through the Traffic API, which is included in HERE developer licenses.

Why Use the Traffic Data Service

The Traffic Data Service provides solutions for the following high level use cases:

Use Case Description
Real-time traffic flow in DATEX II Retrieve real-time traffic flow data in DATEX II XML, including free flow speeds, travel time, level of service, and other information
Traffic incident data in DATEX II Retrieve traffic incidents in DATEX II XML, including the type and location of each traffic incident, status, start and end time, and other relevant data
Search traffic data by bounding box or polygon Retrieve traffic flow or incidents inside a bounding box or polygon
Search traffic data by road class Retrieve traffic flow or incidents for specific functional classes of roads
Search real-time traffic flow by level of service Retrieve traffic flow by service level such as only for congested roads
Search incident data by effect code Retrieve incidents that have a specific effect such as blocking the route


Module Description
DATEX II Provides real-time traffic incident and flow data in DATEX II format:
  • for incidents
  • for traffic flow

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