Apply a Functional Road Class Filter

Roads are classified by their functional class. The table below contains the hierarchical classification of functional classes or functional road classes for road network segments:

Functional Road Class Value Functional Class Description
1 These roads are meant for high volume, maximum speed traffic between and through major metropolitan areas. There are very few, if any, speed changes. Access to this road is usually controlled.
2 These roads are used to channel traffic to Main Roads (FRC1) for travel between and through cities in the shortest amount of time. There are very few, if any speed changes.
3 These roads interconnect First Class Roads (FRC2) and provide a high volume of traffic movement at a lower level of mobility than First Class Roads (FRC2).
4 These roads provide for a high volume of traffic movement at moderate speeds between neighborhoods. These roads connect with higher Functional Class roads to collect and distribute traffic between neighborhoods.
5 These roads' volume and traffic movements are below the level of any other road.

To request data for a specific functional road class, use a JSON query with the desired functional road class for which you want to request data.

"loc": { "fc": <value> }

When requesting incidents, make sure to include the "incident" element in your JSON query:

  { "loc": { "fc": <value> }, "incident": {}}

When requesting flow data, make sure to include the "flow" element in your JSON query:

  { "loc": { "fc": <value> }, "flow": {}}

Send an HTTP POST request to either the DATEX II incident or the DATEX II flow endpoint with your JSON data in the POST body:

For an example of how to send a request to the Traffic Data Service for a functional road class, see Incidents On Highways in DATEX II.

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