Customized Subscription Process


You must contact the Marketplace provider directly to negotiate and execute licensing contracts. Subscription license agreements are conducted between you and the Marketplace provider outside of HERE Marketplace.

After you have executed a customized licensing agreement with a Marketplace provider offline, the subscription is activated. You can monitor your subscription requests in the Requests screen.

After you have subscribed to data, you can:

Request Subscription to Data

  1. From the desired listing, click Pricing & plans > Contact us. The Contact the provider to get access to the data form appears.
  2. Review the catalog description, information disclosed by the provider, and enter a message.
  3. Click Send Request. The request is submitted.
Subscribe to Data
Figure 1. Subscribe to Data

Subscription Request Process and Status

  1. From HERE platform, click Marketplace > Requests.
  2. Select the desired request to view detailed information.
  3. Negotiate terms with provider.
  4. Confirm data subscription by clicking Accept subscription.
Subscription Request Details
Figure 2. Subscription Request Details


  • The Marketplace provider can change the catalog from what was originally described in the listing.
  • After you click Accept subscription, it can take up to a minute to complete.

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