Create Catalogs

Once you have your credentials you can create a catalog for the data you want to publish to HERE Marketplace. A catalog is a collection of data that is logically managed as a single set. Catalogs contain layers that represent different types of data and that can be overlaid spatially to construct a complete digital map. For example, a catalog may contain a map that includes layers for road attributes, topology, and signs.

To create a catalog to publish to HERE Marketplace:

  1. Create a catalog in HERE platform. For instructions, see Create a catalog in the Data API Developer Guide.
  2. After you have created the catalog, mark it as ready for HERE Marketplace:
    1. In HERE platform, click Data.
    2. Click the catalog you want to mark as ready for HERE Marketplace.
    3. Click More > Mark as Marketplace Ready.
  3. After a catalog is marked as Marketplace-ready new layers can not be added.
  4. The Marketplace-ready attribute for a catalog can be removed once all subscriptions are ended and all Marketplace listings are removed.


It can take up to 2 hours after a catalog is marked as Marketplace-ready before a Marketplace Provider manager can view it in the Approved data list. Contact support if the catalog takes more than 2 hours to appear.

See Publish Data to Catalogs for information on publishing data.

Learn More

For more information about catalogs, review these key concepts:

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