Showcase Your Data

Most customers wish to evaluate a data sample before committing to a purchase. Below are a few ways to offer data for evaluation purposes.

Data Sample for an Evaluation Subscription

  1. Create a historical archive.

  2. Upload it as a file via UI to a catalog - see the Knowledge Base documentation.

  3. Attach this catalog to your listing and enable an evaluation subscription.

  4. Specify in the subscription description that it grants access to a limited dataset (for example, limited geographical coverage or historical data for a specific time frame).

Once the Marketplace Consumer activates an evaluation subscription, you'll receive a notification with their name, email address, company name for a follow-up. You can deactivate this subscription any time.

You can enable a "Contact Us" subscription simultaneously with the evaluation one to allow prospects to reach out to you in a fast and easy way.

Recommendations on terms and conditions (T&Cs):

  • When using a URL, make sure it is a valid link leading to the T&Cs governing evaluation subscription specifically. It is not recommended to refer customers to the company's general T&Cs or data privacy policy in this section. The text should ideally be in English.

  • Some Marketplace Providers use succinct T&Cs for evaluation subscriptions, as short as one page. You can look for examples among public listings.

Data Sample in the Resources Section

  1. Create a data sample or historical archive.

  2. Upload it as a resource (supporting material) to the listing.

Resource files are accessible to all Marketplace-registered customers, and you as a Marketplace Provider won't be notified if anyone downloads the file. It is thus recommended to create a sample catalog (see evaluation subscription above), attach an evaluation subscription, and upload a very small sample into resources to only give a taste of your data before prospects activate the evaluation subscription.

Catalog With a Limited Geographical Coverage

To showcase dynamic data in real time:

  1. Create a catalog.

  2. Upload data for a fraction of your geographical coverage (for example, a country or region).

This way of offering data for evaluation is usually advisable:

  • As step 2 after you have exhausted one or both ways above.

  • In case of a specific request from a potential customer, as catalogs with dynamic data incur transfer costs set in the HERE Marketplace Terms of Use.

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