Negotiate Contracts

When you create a listing through HERE Marketplace, you can negotiate terms of data license execution with Consumers.

There are several subscription options with respective terms and conditions to choose from:

  • Customized subscription option is based on terms and conditions that you can negotiate offline.
  • Evaluation subscription allows Consumers to self-accept and subscribe from the listing, as there is no subscription flow. This type of subscription enables Consumers to read data with no subscription fee.
  • Commercial subscription enables Providers to create their listings with different pricings for Marketplace, and allow Consumers to sign up with no human interaction. This way, the Marketplace can generate usage and line-items on the Consumer's bill.

Negotiate Subscription

To subscribe to different types of listings, customers can view Pricing and plans and Terms and Conditions for each listing through the listing details page.

When you create a listing with Evaluation subscription, it is available for customers to self-subscribe by clicking Subscribe.

To get a Customized subscription, customers can click on Contact us to initiate the negotiation process.

With a Commercial subscription process, customers can subscribe to the listing with default pricing by clicking Subscribe or Review pricing for the listing with customized pricing.

Subscription details
Figure 1. Subscription details
Listing details
Figure 2. Listing details

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