Replan a Route

A dispatcher can replan routes when they are already planned and optimized, as well as when they are already in progress.

Adjust a Planned Route

You may add or remove orders for any planned routes, as long as criteria for the route’s vehicle such as vehicle capacity, start and end time, and maximum shift time are respected.

To add an order, select it from the Orders panel and select the route you want to adjust from the Assignments panel. Click the three-dot icon at the top of the Orders panel and select Assign to route. The route will be updated immediately. If for some reason the route can not be adjusted, you will see the respective error message.

To remove a pickup or delivery, hover over it and click the red cross. Removing a pickup removes the matching delivery and vice versa.

Adjust a Route In Progress

In the same way, as you may adjust the planned routes, you may add or remove orders for the routes that have been dispatched and are in progress. In this case exercise caution, as the routes in progress were optimized for the most cost-effective plan, which could result in some stops being reordered.

To add orders for a route that was planned and dispatched and that is in progress at the moment, select the order(s) from the Orders section, then select the desired route that is in progress, click on three dots at the top right, and click Assign to route in the drop-down. In the Route Replanning pop up you will see the new route information highlighted in green and the old route information below marked with grey to compare the difference. If you are agree to replan the route in the suggested way, click Update Route to confirm replanning. Now your route is updated and recalculated automatically. Now the Route overview in the Assignments section displays the new updated route that was sent to the driver.

If after suggested replanning you do not agree to confirm the route updates for some reason, just click Cancel in the route replanning confirmation pop up, and the replanning will be canceled, and no updates will be sent to the driver.

You can remove a pickup or delivery from the route that is in progress by hovering over it and clicking the red cross next to it. Removing a pickup removes the matching delivery and vice versa.


If a driver already started working on an order, you may no longer adjust that specific order. But you can add new orders to the current route, or remove orders as far as they are not being executed yet.

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