Complete Delivery

Once you arrive at your delivery destination, swipe up and tap Delivery. If you were able to complete your delivery, you have the option to use the Barcode-reader, get a customer signature, or take a photograph of the delivered item, as proof of delivery.

Alternatively, tap the Scan button to the bottom left of your main screen to scan an item - in this way the delivery screen will open automatically.

Complete delivery
Figure 1. Complete delivery

You can specify if the order was delivered to the recipient or a neighbour. If it is to a neighbour, then you can specify the name of the person who received the order, and add a driver note if needed.

If you choose to use the barcode reader, you need to allow HERE Last Mile to take pictures and record videos.

Within the barcode reader view, you also have options to turn on a flashlight or to type in the barcode number.

You can also get a signature from the recipient.

If you tap the photo button, you have two options: either take a photo or access a previously taken photo from your phone.

Your dispatcher will see the proof of delivery such as barcode scan, signature or photo in his dashboard.

Optionally you can add a comment in the Notes section below to be read by the dispatcher.

Unable to Complete Delivery

In case you were not able to complete the delivery, select the Unable tab on the upper-right of the screen.

Again, here you can add a photo to prove the failed delivery.

Tap Select reason to give more details. Please note that this list is scrollable.

Optionally you can add a comment in the Notes section below to be read by the dispatcher.

Unable to complete reasons
Figure 2. Unable to complete reasons

Re-attempt Delivery

You can return to the failed delivery later to re-attempt delivering it.

To do so, select a failed delivery from your current route that you are going to re-attempt, press and hold on it. You will see the message asking if you would like to reopen it. Tap OK, and the delivery will become active again.

Once you reopen a delivery, you can try to deliver it again and mark it as Complete if it succeeds or Unable if it fails again.

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