Using the Map

Location is the critical part of any order or route plan. The HERE Last Mile map provides the visual overview of your operations directly after order upload, until every last route has been completed.

Map view

The map is displayed by default in the planning view once you have signed in to the HERE Last Mile dashboard. The Orders and Assignments panels are set to open, floating on top of the map. For a larger map view, you may minimize the panels by clicking the minus on the top right corner of each panel. Clicking the panel icons on the map restores the panels when needed. Otherwise, the map is always displayed on the right side of the dashboard planning view.

When orders are selected in the Orders panel, they are also selected in the map and highlighted in a different colour from the other orders shown. You may also select orders directly on the map and they are also selected in the Orders panel. See the user guide section managing orders via the map for more details.

Location Tracking

HERE Last Mile allows tracking the drivers' location on the map during the route. To enable Location Tracking, the respective option should be switched on in the driver's application. Click here for details.

When Location Tracking is enabled, you will see the exact driver's location on the map during the route.

Map controls

The map controls are on the bottom right corner of the map. These are:

  • Zoom in (+) and zoom out (-). Mouse wheels also zoom if you prefer.
  • Map layer. Switch between the Default, Reduced (not applicable for work in Japan), and Satellite backgrounds. Additionally you can switch on/off Traffic and Incidents (traffic data is not yet available for the Japan web dashboard).
  • Cursor mode - switch between the normal cursor mode to move the map, and the selective mode for selecting the orders on the map.

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